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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Raymond A. Barnett, 10 books
Michael R. Ziegler, 9 books
James Stewart, 9 books
Lothar Redlin, 9 books
Saleem Watson, 9 books
Bert K. Waits, 8 books
Karl E. Byleen, 7 books
Gregory D. Foley, 7 books
Franklin D. Demana, 7 books
Daniel Kennedy, 6 books
Michael III Sullivan, 6 books
Earl Swokowski, 5 books
Jeffery Cole, 5 books
Sullivan, Michael, 5 books
Raymond Barnett, 4 books
David Dwyer, 3 books
Hungerford, 3 books
Karl Byleen, 3 books
Judith A. Beecher, 3 books
Michael Sullivan, 3 books
Mark Gruenwald, 3 books
Mustafa A. Munem, 3 books
David Wells, 2 books
Lynn Tilson, 2 books
Michael SullivanIII, 2 books


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