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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Monte Cook, 21 books
Matthew Sprange, 20 books
Chuck Wendig, 20 books
Steve Kenson, 19 books
Scott Clark, 18 books
Nicky Rea, 16 books
Jackie Cassada, 16 books
Anne Stokes, 16 books
Kraig Blackwelder, 14 books
Ian Sturrock, 14 books
Greg Stolze, 13 books
John Snead, 13 books
Bill Bridges, 13 books
Bruce Baugh, 12 books
Chris Pramas, 12 books
2000AD artists, 12 books
Sam Chupp, 12 books
Steve Miller, 11 books
Adam Tinworth, 11 books
David Edelstein, 10 books
Lynn Willis, 10 books
Matthew McFarland, 10 books
Ralph Horsley, 10 books
Brian Campbell, 10 books
Richard E. Dansky, 9 books


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